Stakeholder Engagement

Simulation modelling in health care lecture.

Year: 2020 Type: Lecture. Presenters: Long, Katrina and Meadows, Graham and McDermott, Fiona and Atkison, Jo-An. Institution: Department of Psychiatry, Monash University. Topic: A high-level, simplified overview of simulation modelling in health care written and presented for healthcare professionals completing the Masters of Psychiatry at Monash University. Duration: 0 hours, 21 minutes. >

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Engaging Healthcare Staff and Stakeholders in Healthcare Simulation Modelling for Research Translation: A Systematic Review

Peer reviewed: Yes. Authors: Zabell, Thea Simone and Long, Katrina M and Scott, Debbie and Hope, Judith and McLoughlin, Ian and Enticott, Joanne. Publication: Frontiers in Health Services. Year: 2021 DOI: Method: A systematic review on simulation modelling studies with a health outcome which engaged stakeholders in model design. Message: There is a large gap in the current literature of formal evaluation of simulation modelling stakeholder engagement, and a lack of consensus about the processes required for effective simulation modelling stakeholder engagement.

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