Why share model code and data?

By Matthew Hamilton August 28, 2022

There are many benefits to sharing model code and data in open access repositories. These benefits include helping to:

  • demonstrate study reproducibility;
  • improve model transparency;
  • elicit feedback;
  • identify errors;
  • increase impact; and
  • reduce duplication of effort across the mental health modelling field.

However, there are also practical barriers to sharing model code and data in an appropriate manner. These barriers can include:

  • concerns about data confidentiality and privacy;
  • confusion about licensing;
  • the need to identify appropriate storage and dissemination platforms;
  • the time and effort required to prepare, document and curate content for public release; and
  • lack of technical knowledge.

To help address some (but not all) of the above barriers, we are creating a series of brief tutorials about how to use our open code and data repositories to publicly share your own work and to access work shared by other modellers.

The first one, on accessing data in our open-source data repository is available here.