Data Envelopment Analysis

Integrating clinicians, knowledge and data: expert-based cooperative analysis in healthcare decision support

Peer reviewed: Yes Authors: Gibert, Karina and GarcĂ­a-Alonso, Carlos and Salvador-Carulla, Luis Publication: Health research policy and systems Year: 2010 DOI: Method: Descriptive introduction of a new hybrid methodology Expert-based Cooperative Analysis (EbCA), which incorporates explicit prior expert knowledge in data analysis methods, and elicits implicit or tacit expert knowledge to improve decision support in healthcare systems. EbCA was compared to classical procedures using qualitative explicit prior knowledge in two case examples: 1) Bench-marking of small mental health areas based on technical efficiency estimated by EbCA-Data Envelopment Analysis (EbCA-DEA), and 2) Case-mix of schizophrenia based on functional dependency using Clustering Based on Rules (ClBR).

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