Rural Mental Health

Patterns of mental healthcare provision in rural areas: A demonstration study in Australia and Europe

Peer reviewed: Yes Authors: Salinas-Perez, Jose A. and Gutierrez-Colosia, Mencia R. and Garcia-Alonso, Carlos R. and Furst, Mary Anne and Tabatabaei-Jafari, Hossein and Kalseth, Jorid and Perkins, David and Rosen, Alan and Rock, Daniel and Salvador-Carulla, Luis Publication: Frontiers in Psychiatry. Year: 2023 DOI: Method: Mental health services in three countries were described and classified using the Description and Evaluation of Services and Directories of Long Term Care mapping tool.

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Systems modelling and simulation to inform strategic decision making for suicide prevention in rural New South Wales (Australia)

Peer reviewed: Yes. Authors: Atkinson, Jo-An and Skinner, Adam and Hackney, Sue and Mason, Linda and Heffernan, Mark and Currier, Dianne and King, Kylie and Pirkis, Jane. Publication: Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. Year 2020 DOI: Method: A system dynamics model for the rural and remote population catchment of Western New South Wales was developed. The model was based on defined pathways to mental health care and suicidal behaviour and reproduced historic trends in the incidence of attempted suicide (self-harm hospitalisations) and suicide deaths in the region.

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